You may be juggling a busy schedule, moving to a new home, downsizing, overwhelmed with life changes, or dealing with everything at once. As a professional home organizer, I’m here to help you create a luxurious, harmonious and functional home environment so that you can focus on living your best life. My home staging service will transform your home to showcase its best features, enticing buyers to pay more for the opportunity to make it their home sweet home.

 Please Note:  Extra health and safety precautions are being taken for in-home visits due to Covid-19. 

Please be prepared to wear a mask.



How The Passionate Organizer can help you reach your goals:


This involves sorting things to be thrown out, donated or kept.



This is for when you want to lessen the number of things you own in order to live more freely and possibly move to a smaller home. I can help you to determine what to let go of and how to do it peacefully.



Moving home is a stressful time. I can help you to unpack your belonging into logical, organized spaces in your new home. I will help to remove boxes and packing material, as well as hang art, etc. I can also be there during installations or hook-ups if you are not able to be home.



Once you know what you want to keep, I will create a plan to organize your belongings in a manner that optimizes your space and functions well with your daily needs. I am happy to help you purchase quality storage items that will enhance your home for years to come.



Using your own furniture and accessories, I can redesign your home to make it as appealing as possible to interested buyers, potentially rewarding you with a speedy sale and higher selling price.


"Cara is amazing! She has been helping me declutter and organize my home step-by-step. She sends a plan of what she wants to do before she comes so it helps me to prepare in my mind what the goal is for each visit. She is non-judgmental, kind, flexible, honest, funny and sensitive to your belongings. There is no pressure to discard something that you really don’t want to, however, she will help you to look at things from a different angle if you’re not sure what to decide. Cara is very helpful with providing hints and suggestions to keep you organized going forward. She even comes with little jobs for my 6-year old to do. It always amazes me how Cara attacks my many piles of boxes, toys, gift bags, tissue paper, clothes, shoes, etc, and separates everything into piles.  Then you realize how much of everything you already have and didn't even realize it. It puts things into perspective and helps you think twice before you purchase more “stuff” for your home. Thanks to Cara, I am starting to see my home becoming more of a calming and organized environment. I will still need her for a while.  She has truly helped me see clutter and messes in a less overwhelming way and helped me and my family with tips and schedules to keep our home organized and clean. She is exactly what my family needed and I’m so happy that we found her! I would highly recommend The Passionate Organizer. She takes pride in her work and you can tell that her aim is really to help you feel better in your home!" ~ Jennifer G.



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