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If you prefer, contact me by e-mail at or phone at (514) 347-3606 to request a consultation or assistance. 
Also, you can visit my facebook page @ThePassionateOrganizer and send me a message from there.

"I contacted Cara at a low time in my life as a house owner. We were confined, our basement had been flooded with all its material sent into storage, and the lower part of the walls removed. I wanted to give it a new breath but did not know how to start. Cara was there for me! She reinvented my laundry room to give it a renewed look while keeping what could be saved, keeping in mind costs and what would add value to our house. She is very creative, pays attention to details, and is knowledgeable in what is available on the market. She also took the time, in these days of confinement and social distancing, to draw a model of what the rooms would look like once her plan was realized. She asked many questions to understand the needs and then replied to several emails to ensure that what she was doing corresponded to my evolving understanding of what I wanted. I can only recommend her very warmly." ~ Johanne M.



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