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You may be juggling a busy schedule, moving to a new home, downsizing, raising children, overwhelmed with life changes, or dealing with everything at once. As a Professional Home Organizer, I’m here to help you create an inviting, functional, harmonious home environment so that you can focus on enjoying life. My home staging service will transform your home to showcase its best features, enticing buyers to pay more for the opportunity to make it their home sweet home.


Covid-19 safety precautions will be taken.  I am fully vaccinated with Pfizer and boosted.

How The Passionate Organizer can help you reach your goals:


We will sort things into categories of: to be thrown out, donated or kept. One donation drop-off per day is included in each session.



This is for when you want to lessen the number of things you own in order to comfortably live in a smaller home.  I can help you to decide what to let go of and how to do it peacefully.



I can help you to unpack your belonging into logical, organized spaces in your new home. I will help to remove boxes and packing material, as well as hang small art, etc. I can also be there during installations or hook-ups if you are not able to be at home.



Once you know what you want to keep, I will organize your belongings in a manner that optimizes your space and functions well with your daily needs. I am happy to suggest quality storage items that will enhance your home for years to come.


Home Staging

Using your own furniture and accessories, I can redesign your home to make it as appealing as possible to interested buyers, potentially rewarding you with a speedy sale and higher selling price.


     How It Works

Contact me to chat about your situation and schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

or contact me by e-mail at: or visit my Facebook page for more information.

During the initial, free, 45-minute consultation, we will tour your home and discuss your organizing needs.  It's a chance for me to assess your situation, for us to determine if my services can meet your needs, and for us to get a sense if we are well suited to each other.  I am very transparent so all Terms and Conditions are provided to you before you make your decision.  


If you would like to hire me, we will sign a Service Agreement and I will take photos in order to come up with solution ideas for your home.  You can decide whether you want your before and after photos to be shown on social media or not.  Then we will schedule our future working session dates and times.  Full payment is required at this time.

Each in-home session will last 3 or 4 hours, depending on what you purchased. You can decide how much or how little physical participation you would like to have in the process.  Respect for you, your family and your belongings is paramount.  It is ideal that discussions between us are on-going during the sessions, as necessary.  Your input is encouraged.


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"Very happy with the service I received and very easy to work with. I truly recommend Cara." ~ Elvio C.



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