About Me

Hello, I’m Cara Persram, owner of The Passionate Organizer. Our home is our castle no matter how large or small. The relief of serenity, the pleasure of uncluttered beauty, and the ease of an efficient, functional flow in our home is priceless in today’s harried world. I am so delighted to help people reach their goal of transforming their home into an inviting, harmonious environment that is easy to maintain so that they can spend more time growing their business or career, nurturing personal relationships and enjoying the hobbies they love.

In my twenties, I worked part-time in health care for 9 years before going back to school to become a Software Developer and Business Analyst – an engaging career that spanned 20 years. It’s now time to focus on my true passion – looking after a home and helping others to manage theirs.

During my journey of intensive study and preparation to become a Professional Organizer, I:

  • have completed a certificate in Professional Organizing with IAP Career College and am a member of the International Association of Professional Organizations (IAPO);
  • am licensed by the Province of Quebec;
  • am insured;
  • am a member of the Professional Organizers in Canada;
  • am a member of Inspired Organizers;
  • am a lifelong learner, continually striving to be able to provide the best service to my clients.

I am blessed to have two kind, successful adult children, a wonderful boyfriend, a tranquil, low-maintenance home and many fabulous friends here in Montreal. After spending most of my life in Saskatchewan, the West Island is now my home and I’m proud to be a part of this vibrant community.

How It Works

Contact me to chat about your situation and schedule an in-home consultation at your convenience.

or contact me by e-mail at:
cara@passionate-organizer.ca or visit my Facebook page for more information.

At the in-home consultation, we will tour and discuss your needs on a room-by-room basis, the timeframes in which you would like the work completed, and who in the household will be involved. You can expect judgement-free, confidential service.


If you would like to hire me, we will sign an agreement contract, then I will take photos (with your permission) and measurements in order to create a plan for your home. Optional questionnaires give me more insight into you in relation to how your home works for you. Then we will schedule our future working session dates and times. Full payment will be made at this time.


Each session will last 3 to 5 hours. You can decide how much or how little participation you would like to have in the process and it will be as collaborative as you wish. That being said, I will not discard anything without approval. Respect for you, your family and your belongings is paramount. Discussions will be on-going with you and other members of your household.


Along the way and at the end of the sessions, we can discuss if anything more is needed. I will follow-up within 2 weeks after the last session to see how things are going. A monthly maintenance service contract is an option for the future. Your feedback is important to me as I strive to provide the best service possible to my clients.


"Thanks for turning an overwhelming unpacking job into manageable steps and a pleasant day! And for being organized enough to tidy up along the way. Visible progress is always encouraging :)" ~ Liane C

"Had a very good experience. She was professional and took the time to understand what exactly I needed . Very friendly and also took the time to send my pictures of things that I can purchase to make things more organized. I highly recommend to anyone looking for a little help to keep things organized." ~ Nila P



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