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Jonglez-vous avec un horaire chargé, déménagez dans une nouvelle maison, désirez réduire vos effets personnels, vous êtes submergé par les changements de vie, ou un peu de tout en même temps. En tant qu’organisatrice professionnelle résidentielle, je suis ici pour vous aider à créer un environnement familial luxueux, harmonieux et fonctionnel afin que vous puissiez vous concentrer sur une meilleure qualité de vie.

"I'm considering moving to a much smaller home and really needed help in downsizing my belongings. I've lived in this house for several decades, have accumulated a lot of possessions, and have some of my adult children's things here too, so the task was overwhelming. Cara was amazing at keeping me on track and focusing on my goal to store less stuff. We worked tirelessly on many rooms in the house during the process. Cara made the cupboards and closets beautifully organized and functional, with the most used things within reach. She had great suggestions for staging. She also packed and took many bags and miscellaneous items to Renaissance. Bravo! Cara is trustworthy, reliable, skilled and friendly too. I highly recommend Cara to anyone who needs organizing or staging help and direction - 5 stars! " ~ A. M.


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